Knowledge, expertise and background

The main assets of a service company

A great team, deserves the best technical manager

Meet ExpertEasier

The best tools and the best professionals, generate the best results in a service. Before, during and after that service, the best management tool is required to turn service into an excellent business and customer multiplier.  
For your startup company. Or if it is already established.

Meet ExpertEasier

Specially designed for

Make your expertise an asset.

Fixing problems side by side with Apple

Create Warranty SRO’s with all documentation, identify and track precisely serialized parts and products, and initiate remote Apple diagnostics.
Directly interaction via web services with Apple GSX® 

Don’t need anything else

The whole company working in coordination


Simple to use, intuitive, interactive


Client-server multiuser environment


Technical and commercial functions


Designed to fully interact to Internet

Apart from the technical management, ExpertEasier takes care of all your commercial tasks: Customer relationship management, Suppliers, Purchasing, Sales, Budgets, Prices, Electronic invoicing, Products, Production, Stocks and Storage of Multimedia Documentation (apps files, photos, audio and video).
It even helps you make decisions through the statistics dashboard.
You may use it as your company all-in-one main operating system, or as a complement to the system you have already implemented.
It's multiuser, multicurrency, multi-tax, multi-language and cross-platform: MacOS, iOS, Web and Windows

The most efficient way to assist your customers

Every piece of information at hand when you need it.

Provides parts and product specifications, up-to-date manufacturer news, administrative data, and stores multimedia content.
Designed to instantly resolve any situation, presencial or remote.
Do not let your customers find another alternative. Be the solution.

No more excuses

Affordable prices for all budgets and management requirements

(Prices do not include local taxes)


For the Professional

 For those who work at home, consultant or self-employed.
 One computer, one system.
 Includes 2 hours of start-up and training and 1 custom report.

USD 299



For the Company

 Perpetual license per user. You are the owner of the software.
 Multiple users working against a server, globally.
 Purchasing the 3 License bundle, manage the entire company for less than the cost of a computer.
 Includes 3 hours of start-up, group training and 2 custom reports for each license.

USD 449

The price indicated corresponds to an individual license.
FileMaker client and server licenses not included in the price



As a Service

 Licensing for monthly use. You contract the periodic use of the software
 Bundles for  5, 10 and 20 users
 5 users bundle costs less than you pay for internet or telephony per month
 10% discount for annual paymentl. 5% discount for biannual payment.

5 x USD 95/mo

Start-up, reporting, training and maintenance are not included in the price
Payments are quarterly, biannual or annual.
FileMaker client and server licenses not included in the price

Monthly basis

Add ons

Anything else?

-   System Operation
-   Resources Optimization
-   Report design
 Custom made reports
  Annual maintenance
 Remote Assistance
 Periodic updates
 Templates customization and adaptation to other brands
 Custom design for access via iOS devices
 Custom design for access via web browsers
 Custom development for access via web services
 Development of specific additional functions
 Hardware development linking to ExpertEasier

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We’ve been working with Apple products since 1982. In addition to entrepreneurs, we are electronic engineers, hardware and software developers. We know our business well.